Sex: M

Race: W

Age: 36


Date of Arrest: 03/31/2015

Booking Agency: JCSO


Bond Amount: $0.00

Bond Type: n/a

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  • Sthompson

    You are a piece of trash for writing this About my brother. I could care less what you have to say about me because yes I was a stripper. And? Your point being? You have no clue why I started dancing. And it isn’t any of your business but just know that there are reasons why people are the way they are before you judge them.

    • Ed Hastings

      I’m really sorry for your loss.
      I really hope you get the help you need to stay clean. Your daughters need their Mom, and when they’re grown up it will be too late….

      • sister

        You have no clue wth you are talking about so have a good day.

        • Ed Hastings

          Ugh yes, I can read and see your mugshot every time you’re arrested for meth dear Steph!

          • sister

            Look I don’t know who you are but obviously the only thing we have in common is: we are both minding my business. So how about you just get a life and stay out of mine.

          • Ed Hastings

            Trust me, I don’t want to be in your sad life. No, I’m too busy actually raising my kids, not forcing my mother to because I’m a selfish, meth’d-out stripper. So sad for your mom that she already lost one child to meth, and now the other one is headed the same way. Let’s pray nothing happens to her, because she is all those three girls have in this world….

          • Ed Hastings

            Aaaaand arrested AGAIN for meth! Geez, those poor daughters of yours!

  • Ed Hastings

    What a pc of trash. This guy Alex is a meth head and meth dealer, along with his sister Stephanie the stripper. Has been for years!